The Persian Claws: “Mini” album review

Take equal parts jangly guitar, garage band aesthetics, California coast vibes, and a crisp female vocal you’ll immediately fall in love with.  Add two tablespoons of mid-sixties psychedelic rock.


Persian Claws 2

Voila, you have The Persian Claws. The band’s October 2014 eponymous release, available on the music site, is a stellar effort. With no song longer than a scant 2:31, the album reminds me of my High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts: go hard for a couple of minutes, take a quick breath and a drink of water, and then go right back at it. It’s exhilarating, as is this album.

Dee Claw’s vocals are clearly the star; they cut a straight line right through the energetic guitar riffs and persistent drumming and bass. The music creates a tight circle around the tight vocals, and my hands grip the steering wheel tightly as we blast forward through the album. This is great road trip music, though I’ve got to be careful – my Mini Cooper (perfect car for this perfect album) is capable of some high intensity intervals as well.

Mini Blackjack WSU

My final take on The Persian Claws: 6 stars. Out of 5.

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